Cooperative Educational Purchasing Council

Mission Statement: The Cooperative Educational Purchasing Council (CEPC) is comprised of Purchasing Professionals from public school districts throughout the State of Colorado.

We are dedicated to:

  • Providing superior service to enhance the education of children.
  • The prudent expenditure of our public's funds
  • Obtaining the most favorable prices with the use of cooperative bids
  • Fostering professional growth among our members
  • Networking and sharing information with our members
  • Marketing ourselves as valuable professionals for our entities
  • Focusing on accountability, customer service and professional ethics
  • Encouraging the continued commitment of our member to our organization

The Cooperative Educational Purchasing Council (CEPC) is a cooperative of Colorado Public Schools. The geography of the Council lies along the front range of the Rocky Mountains from the Ft. Collins/Greeley area to the north, through Colorado Springs to the south, and represents approximately 70% of the K-12 Public School enrollment for the State of Colorado.

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